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Yep, I hit 3,000 pageviews.

Awhile ago, actually. Now I'm up to 3,055 and rising.

The reason I had neglected to mention it before now, though, is because I usually use instances such as this as springboards to bring up other topics I want to bring up to your attention that are otherwise not really large enough to deserve a journal of all it's own.

But I have nothing to really add on this time, so I guess I'm stuck with just announcing that I hit 3,000 pageviews.

Not that's a bad thing, of course, in fact, I'm quite happy about it. Additionally, I hit 3,000 in a fraction of the time it took me to hit 2,000.

But I suspect my recent conversion to bronyism played a large part in that. :P

Anyway, other that, all is well in the world of Scyphi. :)
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November 21, 2011


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