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Just a public service announcement...

But after about a year of working on it off and on, I've successfully reorganized my favorites page. Instead of all of my faves just getting dumped into the main favorites pages, I've sorted through all of them and moved those of like categories into their own folders and from here on out, those pics will be routinely placed in their respective folders and no longer found in the main page. The rest will remain on the main page, though.

This was done mostly for my benefit, so it would be (hopefully) easier to sort through all of them, looking for a specific pic.

Dunno if this really affects any of you watchers, but I figured I'd be courteous and give you a heads up anyway, just in case.
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Okay, first you thing you should know about me is that writing is a first and foremost favorite thing to do, with all other forms of art coming in a close second. Heck, I was writing before I could even write.

Instead, I usually used pictures I drew myself to tell the stories I wanted to tell.

Used to to do that often, in fact, to the point I did little else years and years ago. But, while my skills improved for awhile, that eventually kind of fizzled, and I couldn't get those art skills to improve any more. Frustrated, and knowing that my current level of artwork wasn't going to be of use to me as anything more than a mere on-the-side hobby that was extremely limited, I all but gave it up.

Thankfully, I have rediscovered this almost lost skill, and have gotten it to progress forward again. It's still not where I'd like it (the art you other users produce usually trample mine) but there's hope again. :)

My hope by choosing to make use of this account on deviantART is to hopefully learn new tricks and progress that skill even further than where it stands now.

If you're looking for the fanfics I have posted here, you will find them in the subgallery labeled as "Fanfics" ONLY, and nowhere else on my account.

Current Residence: Somewhere in the depths of America...
Favourite genre of music: Techno, electronic, orchestra instrumentals (like movie soundtracks), electro-swing, some dubstep, and mixes of all of those and others at times.
Favourite style of art: I dunno, depends on the piece and it's quality. I've taken a recent interest in watercolor, though.
Favourite cartoon character: The funny ones. :P

Also, when you thank me for a fave or whatever, I will generally always reply, but since I get tired of saying "you're welcome" again and again, every so often I might do shake things up. If I do, just smile and humor me. :P

Additionally, if I happen to respond with "libenter," that's Latin for "gladly," the closest I can come up with for a translation for "you're welcome" (which apparently wasn't a thing for ancient Rome).

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