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Guess who's graduated with his bachelors in English?

This guy! --->:iconscyphi:<---

Actually, I officially graduated in July, almost a month ago, but I held off announcing it until now, because my college is one of those where they go through the usual ceremonies and stuff, but don't give you your actual diploma until they've sat down and gone through your records to insure you've actually earned it and stuff and then mail it in to you. As such, I wanted to wait until I had my diploma actually in my hand before I announced anything, just in case. And a good thing too, because there were a few minor complications I had to resolve first, but resolve them I did, and yesterday I at last received said diploma.

So I'm a graduate with his bachelors now...what's next?

This is a good question, and one I have been giving a lot of thought as of late. You know how they say you've got your whole life open to you? Yeah, the truthfulness of this statement is really starting to sink in now, to the point that it almost feels surreal. Assuming I can successfully support myself doing it, I can quite literally go wherever I want next with my life at this point. So now I have to figure out just where that exactly that is...and it determine how it might affect the practices I'm already how I use my accounts on the how I use deviantART, for example, which is why I'm telling you guys all of this because this could effect you too.

First and foremost on my to-do list is to find employment. Getting pretty tired
of being four years unemployed straight now, and now that I no longer have to keep classes into consideration, that frees me up for a whole lot more possible jobs that I had to overlook before. So hopefully I will be able to find employment here soon and be getting the funds to better support myself as I look to the future. So I'll be busy with that.

In the meantime, I hope to put that degree in English to good use by seeking to become a novelist, and I've got a whole little notebook and a half sitting here just full of notes for possible stories to prove that I'm serious. Which leads me to the second thing on my to-do list; those notebooks are meant for only temporary storage of little footnotes for much larger ideas which are then to be transferred to my documents on my computer, organized, and fleshed out further accordingly...and I've fallen terribly behind on transferring said notes.

Hey, I just graduated. I was busy.

Now I'm trying to get caught up on transferring those notes from notebook to computer
when I can find the time, and it's slow going. This is largely what I've been working on since the graduation ceremonies in July whenever I'm not job hunting.

Once I'm done with that, I'll switch gears and work on writing the more complete tales and make them the novels I imagine, and when I have something put together fully, I intend to start looking into publishing.
While I'm doing that, I also intend to try and get my "foot in the door" as it were by seeing if I can put together some briefer short stories to get published in like a magazine or the likes thereof, and if so, of course I'll let you all know. I also plan to put together a small e-book, possibly with accompanying pictures, to distribute through the appropriate mediums, and if successful, I will obviously be promoting that through my accounts on the web, like my blog, dA, etc.

But this is all stuff I know all of you guys see or hear very little of on the web from me, so what about the stuff you DO see and hear about from me on a regular basis?

Well, there are only so many hours in a day, so I have to...reshuffle...some of my priorities on that. Prior to now, its safe to say that I'm recognized mostly for the fan art and fan fiction that I've produced, which has been great fun. But that will now be changing, because while the fan art and fanfics are all well and good, I think it's past time I started putting these skills to serious use and that means using them for something more than the fan stuff.

For example, Super Pup, that ever delayed comic project of mine that I keep teasing but still have little to show for it. But actually, it's still progressing onward; remember those notebooks with story notes in them I mentioned? Many of those notes are for Super Pup, ranging from individual comics to (usually) whole storyarcs. I've also been working at finishing the writing for the first few storyarcs for Super Pup as well, gearing up to begin actual production of the comics...and I'm seriously getting close. In the past I've treated Super Pup, usually without meaning to,
as a mere side project, and that largely explains why it's been so delayed, but now I plan to make it more of a priority than before, more akin to how I had treated Infinity back in the day. Hopefully that mentality will help me to start producing results.

But of course, I also still have a backlog of partly completed projects that I wish to see through, so you'll be seeing that as well. And while I am cutting back on the fan stuff, you'll probably still see me do it from time to time, as it makes for a good distraction whenever I'm burned out on everything else (time permitting). Furthermore, when I first joined deviantART, it was with the goal of using it to experiment and learn more about art and how to best do it...but lately I feel like I've kind of lost sight of that goal, and wish to get back to that. So expect more experimental projects to appear in the future.

But yeah, that's the plan. Hopefully I can make good on it.
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Okay, first you thing you should know about me is that writing is a first and foremost favorite thing to do, with all other forms of art coming in a close second. Heck, I was writing before I could even write.

Instead, I usually used pictures I drew myself to tell the stories I wanted to tell.

Used to to do that often, in fact, to the point I did little else years and years ago. But, while my skills improved for awhile, that eventually kind of fizzled, and I couldn't get those art skills to improve any more. Frustrated, and knowing that my current level of artwork wasn't going to be of use to me as anything more than a mere on-the-side hobby that was extremely limited, I all but gave it up.

Thankfully, I have rediscovered this almost lost skill, and have gotten it to progress forward again. It's still not where I'd like it (the art you other users produce usually trample mine) but there's hope again. :)

My hope by choosing to make use of this account on deviantART is to hopefully learn new tricks and progress that skill even further than where it stands now.

If you're looking for the fanfics I have posted here, you will find them in the subgallery labeled as "Fanfics" ONLY, and nowhere else on my account.

Current Residence: Somewhere in the depths of America...
Favourite genre of music: Techno, electronic, orchestra instrumentals (like movie soundtracks), electro-swing, some dubstep, and mixes of all of those and others at times.
Favourite style of art: I dunno, depends on the piece and it's quality. I've taken a recent interest in watercolor, though.
Favourite cartoon character: The funny ones. :P

Also, when you thank me for a fave or whatever, I will generally always reply, but since I get tired of saying "you're welcome" again and again, every so often I might do shake things up. If I do, just smile and humor me. :P

Additionally, if I happen to respond with "libenter," that's Latin for "gladly," the closest I can come up with for a translation for "you're welcome" (which apparently wasn't a thing for ancient Rome).

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